Today, Friday 30 May 2014 is Fatality Free Friday.

Over the past month TWU members across Queensland have joined forces with Maurice Blackburn to pledge their support of this important road safety campaign.

TWU members stand together on the Gold Coast for Fatality Free Friday

TWU State Secretary Peter Biagini said Fatality Free Friday is a great campaign that has a simple but important message.

‘Every year hundreds of people are killed and thousands are injured in road crashes, many of them involving trucks,’ Peter said.

TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon taking his pledge for a Fatality Free Friday on the Gold Coast

‘Fatality Free Friday is an important message that brings road safety to the top of mind, and if we can have one day without a fatality, we can have everyday without a fatality.’

‘Road safety is crucial to the future of the transport industry. Our drivers and their families deserve to make a living and get home safely,’ Peter said.

TWU, Maurice Blackburn and Fatality Free Friday in Toowoomba

‘Fatality Free Friday ties in closely with our Safe Rates campaign – by raising road safety awareness and removing pressures on drivers through the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, together we can move toward zero deaths on our roads.’

‘As the representative of hundreds of thousands of transport workers’ and their families, the need to improve road safety is evident – that is why we are all pledging for a Fatality Free Friday.’

FFF's Russell White speaking at an FFF event in Brisbane

Watch the News footage of your TWU making its pledge with Maurice Blackburn last week on the Gold Coast.

To see what else your TWU has been up and for more images visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.

To make your pledge to end road trauma, visit www.fatalityfreefriday.com.au.

Your TWU join forces with Maurice Blackburn at Fatality Free Friday in Brisbane's King George Square
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