DP-DHL, UNI and ITF underline their willingness to continue the dialogue on employment and industrial relations issues

The international DHL campaign has been one of the key priorities for the ITF and TWU branches across the country have participated in various actions over the last couple of years. As a result of the international pressure and a complaint to the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) about the conduct of DP-DHL, the ITF & UNI Global has agreed to a protocol with DP-DHL that provides DHL workers worldwide with a firm and public commitment to dispute resolution mechanisms, supply chain responsibility and reaffirms the rights of workers to a collective voice at work without fear of retaliation.

This protocol is not the end of the campaign and there is still much organising and campaigning work to be done at DHL sites around the world. The next steps are to convert the protocol into something meaningful for all DHL workers regardless of division, contract or country and the ITF have asked us to test this protocol by organising, sharing intelligence and gathering concrete evidence where problems persist.

The ITF have flagged that they will be in touch about specific aspects of the protocol such as:

Supply chain responsibility – the agreement covers directly employed DHL workers, people working along the DP-DHL supply chain and those working on a contract. Let us know if there are any major contracts areas that your union could organise.
Collective bargaining parity – our aim is to raise standards for all, so that all unions that bargain with DHL enjoy the same consistency of approach to bargaining, are treated with same level of respect and enjoy similar working conditions and agreements.


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