LINFOX Armaguard Update

Last week your TWU meet with management to discuss your EBA.

Management tabled their log of claims.

Armaguard management has proposed to strip a number of your current conditions from your EBA – just some of them are as follows:

Black Bold = Management log

Red = explanation meaning or effect.

8.2.4 Arbitration of industrial disputes only by consent of both parties

Management wants to remove your ability to appeal a bad decision by management to an independent third party. If management gets their way, The final – and perhaps most important – stage of dispute resolution. taking your dispute to the Fair Work Commission depends on your employer allowing you to do so.

11.2 Casual employees who convert to permanent employment to be subject to a probationary period.

Meaning that once you have served your probationary period as a causal you will have to do it again. during probation, your employer can sack you for any reason without you having any rights to an unfair dismissal.

13.3 Delete job search entitlement clause when Armaguard has given notice of termination and

14.6 Delete job search entitlement clause during redundancy notice period

Removing the requirement for the company to provide paid time to search for another job when you have been notified that you no longer have one at Armaguard.

19.2.2 Saturday rosters to no longer be voluntary

Gives management the ability to compel/roster workers to work Saturday.

19.3.3 Reduce the number of RDOs able to be accrued from ten to five days

19.3.4 RDOs to no longer be cashed out Delete requirement for management to have regard to equity in hours of work for rostering.

Removing the requirement for fair distribution of hours amongst workers.

19.6.4 Amend to “Changes to shifts by the employer must be notified prior to the end of the employee’s prior shift”

Removing the requirement for 48 hours notice or consultation with the employee if its shorter than 48 hours.

27.2 Consultative committee to be Murarrie only

Separating the Gold Coast and Brisbane work groups even further

27.4.1 Amend consultative clause to say that “The relevant employees may appoint a representative for the purposes of the procedures in this term”

28.1.2 Delete clause (advising unions when new employees commence)

Meaning your union won’t know when new employees start and therefore won’t know to speak with them. It’s a strategy to weaken the union over time.

28.6 Amend paid union training for union delegates from five days to two

Restricting the union delegates training means they will be less informed, less effective, and less capable of representing you. It’s another strategy to weaken the union over time.

28.7 Amend number of paid workplace union meetings to two per calendar year of up to 30 minutes

Restricting the unions ability to hold meetings with workers and discuss workplace issues on work time means workers will be less informed, and we have less ability to work through issues as a group. It’s another strategy to weaken the union over time.

Appendix 4 – Remove coordinators from EA

These workers would no longer have the option of being a EBA employee they would be forced onto salary.

The unions will table their logs next meeting, which is 11am on 22 May 2018.

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