NJS Update

Dear TWU Members,
Yesterday afternoon TWU officials Adam Carter and Glen Barron and delegates Zinnia Robertson and Damon Conley met with the company to continue the ongoing consultation regarding the PER and CNS base closures.

Much of the discussion related to pilots who have not been given the option of taking a voluntary redundancy and it appears will not be allowed to commute to and from a new base. However pilots will be given the option of part time rosters for a six month period.

While the EOI process for pilots has yet to begin, for Cabin Crew the EOI process is concluding so please make sure you complete the EOI. The company has requested that crew make a considered decision on their base preference. Once the EOI has closed and a base offer has been accepted then a voluntary redundancy will no longer be available. If a redundancy is not selected in the EOI it will not be available at a later date.

The company took on notice some questions about Christmas Leave and whether Crew forced to take annual leave during the Christmas embargo period to get ready for a move would lose their “turn” and go to the bottom of the list in their new base. It was suggested that the company ought make transferring crew exempt from the embargo period rules. Other questions taken on notice related to flexibility in crew who want to make late changes to offers of relocation.

Cabin crew have also sought clarification on hourly rates in redundancy estimates and when a decision will be made about which PER crew will need to stay on until March 2021.

A further meeting will be scheduled for next week.

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