Throughout 2018, your TWU won some major victories for workers in the On Demand ‘Gig’ Economy.

From our first-in-Australia win for delivery riders who won a case in the Fair Work Commission against Foodora to have themselves classified as employees and therefore owed appropriate compensation from the company, to our agreement at the TWU National Council with AirBNB to ensure that they prioritise using providers that maintain a high standard of safety in the Transport industry – we’ve been focused on ensuring that these new forms of work don’t undo generations of workers rights that have been built by Australian union members.

Over the last month, we’ve been meeting with representatives of the Rideshare Drivers in Cooperation group to discuss how our union can work with them to represent these drivers and help them build strength in their workplace.

Like our owner-drivers and couriers, rideshare drivers deserve a fair go, a safe rate, and respect from their employers.

In a survey commissioned by the TWU and the Rideshare Drivers group, we found that:

  • 74% of Drivers are concerned about excessive company commissions
  • 69% are concerned about high expenses for fuel and maintenance and;
  • 61% are concerned that they receive no leave or superannuation, and that their pay is too low to contribute to these things themselves

What this data shows is that big Rideshare multinationals are bleeding drivers try on commission, requiring drivers to pay all their own maintenance, and not paying drivers a rate that allows them to keep up with the cost of living.

Following last year’s wins, the focus is now on organising rideshare drivers to help them make their industry fairer. Already, rideshare representatives have attended TWU delegate training, and will be joining your TWU at Labour Day this year in the fight for Safe Rates and to Change the Rules!

Bringing rideshare drivers into our union will further unite our industry, and increase our collective power to push together for safer roads, better rates, and a fairer system.

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