Qantas employees have won a battle with the wealthy airline after it began paying them less to work the same job.

In 2016, Qantas decided to reclassify a number of roles in its QCatering service.

This reclassification meant that a significant number of QCatering employees were now worse off by several hundred dollars a week, despite the “new”, lower-graded roles being essentially the same as the abolished roles!

This action was nothing more than a blatant attempt at cutting the wages and conditions of those workers who were integral to the smooth running and profitability of Qantas.

Your TWU took Qantas to the Fair Work Commission and WON after the commission determined that there was no significant change to the duties and responsibilities in the new roles, and that it was simply an attempt by Qantas to cut costs through their supply chain!

Qantas deciding that the best course of action to save money is to reduce the take-home pay of its employees while the CEO Alan Joyce takes home $13M is nothing short of disgraceful, and shows why now, more than ever, standing together as a union is the only way to protect your pay and conditions.

Thanks to TWU members and delegates just like you, QCatering employees have had the strength to stand up to a massive corporation like Qantas, showing that as a union, you will always be stronger!

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