Qantas NJS NJOS Cabin Crew

Qantas NJS NJOS Cabin Crew – CNS and PER Base Closure Consultation 

On 21 September  Adam Carter, Glen Baron and Russell Vieritz from the TWU along with delegates Steve Dyson, Damon Conley and Lisa McAuliffe met with the company to continue the consultation regarding base closures and associated relocation of crews.  The company were represented by Gavin Irving, Jennifer Newell (NJS HR) and Michael O’Neill (QLink IR).

Gavin provided an update on where things currently stand with the relocation process.  The company hopes to have spoken with all affected crews by the end of this week (with the exception of those on leave who are uncontactable) with a view to finalising the consultation process very soon so EOI’s can be issued.  In relation to the EOI the preference of the TWU is for this process to begin ASAP in order to provide some clarity to crews about their immediate futures, which will no doubt trigger further questions for us to work through as part of ongoing consultation.  The company also intends to keep issuing an updated Q&A document weekly as more questions are added to the list, and they have also been modelling some options around commuting type rosters that they hope to share this week.

The issue of voluntary redundancy for Cabin Crew was discussed at length.  The company confirmed that the redundancy package to be offered to cabin crew would be based on salary inclusive of fixed allowances. The company clarified that there would not be payments made in lieu of notice of termination for those that accept a VR. This simply means that crew will be advised in advance of the date of the termination of their employment (which may be at the time the base closes).

The company is still finalising it’s position on staff travel benefits for crew who take a redundancy to determine when their start date is for the purpose of ongoing benefits. 

We will keep crew updated with any further information as it comes to hand. 

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