Queensland Times: Letter to the Editor on Safe Rates

ON THE eve of the 2016 Federal election, we were subjected to the spectacle of then-employment minister Michaelia Cash, deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce, and a rent-a-crowd of supposedly aggrieved private transport operators all claiming they were going broke because of government over-regulation.

These two political geniuses, hatched a “political” plan to repeal the Road Safety Council, set up by the previous Labor government in consultation with the industry and the Transport Workers Union, to regulate safety issues and set a minimum haulage rate.

This stroke of “political genius” could be compared with sacking all the medical staff and putting the inmates in charge of the asylum.

But this appalling decision to allow the industry to “self-regulate” by the Federal Government is by no means funny and has had dire consequences.

Since then, 465 road transport drivers have lost their lives in an extremely dangerous industry.

Who knows how many have died directly as a result of the decision to repeal the Road Safety Council but the Transport Workers Union, over the past three years, has had plenty to say and has campaigned relentlessly for its re-introduction.

This retrograde decision to repeal the Road Safety Council By Ms Cash and Mr Joyce is but one in a long line of diabolical decisions by these MPs on behalf of an incompetent government.

The sooner they are all removed from power, the safer we’ll all be.


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