Today's tragic events highly the pressing need for action to improve safety on our Buses

The Transport Workers’ Union is shocked and saddened by todays’ events.

This morning a man suffering significant mental health issues doused a Bus Driver in a flammable liquid.

The driver tragically died at the scene.

Our thoughts are with the family of the Driver whose life was taken this morning and to our comrades at the RTBU.

Tragically violence against Bus Drivers is an issue we know all too well. We know that Bus Drivers are on the front line, providing a crucial public service to the community, but are too often the victims of senseless acts of violence.

‘Events like today are why we have been so passionate in arguing for the Get on Board campaign,’ Branch Secretary Peter Biagini said. ‘Enough is enough, we need the community to get on board and improve safety for our Bus Drivers.’

TWU QLD members have been justifiably shaken by the incident today. Sunbus Sunshine Coast member Zed called in suggesting that all Bus Drivers wear a Black Armband for the next week in memory of the driver whose life was lost today.

‘For the next week we are encouraging drivers to wear a Black Armband to show respects to the driver who was lost,’ Peter said.

Events like today send shockwaves across the country. With hours of the news reaching South Australia, SA Drivers were sending their condolences and solidarity to QLD.


We thank the SA Drivers & Branch for their thoughts.

Every worker deserves to be safe at work and return home to their family at the end of the day – for yet another family this will not be happening tonight.

Be kind to your Bus Driver today.

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