TOLL Natural Disaster Leave

Disaster leave for TOLL employees is part of the union negotiated EBA. For more information, please contact your TWU office on 3890 3066.

Disaster leave

(a) In this clause, “Natural Disaster” means an extreme weather event or other natural occurrence which results in the relevant government minister or authority declaring the area in which the Transport Worker lives and/or works to be a natural disaster zone.

(b) If a Transport Worker is unable to attend work due to a Natural Disaster, they are entitled to paid leave of up to 3 days. Payment for the leave will be at the Transport Worker’s base rate of pay.

(c) In addition to any leave available to the Transport Worker under this clause 30, the Transport Worker will be entitled to take any accrued rostered days off or annual leave for any period for which the Natural Disaster prevents them from attending for work.

(d) In this clause, being “unable to attend work” includes the Transport Worker requiring time to attend to the consequences of the Natural Disaster, such as performing emergency work on their home and the like.

(e) Toll may request a Transport Worker to provide evidence that any absence for which leave is sought under this clause was caused by the Natural Disaster.

(f) A Permanent Part-time Transport Worker will be entitled to leave under this clause on a pro rata basis.

(g) A casual Transport Worker will not be entitled to leave under this clause 30 unless the Transport Worker: (i) works an average of 38 hours per week; and (ii) has been employed by Toll on a regular and systematic basis for at least 6 months.

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