See below to check out your union response to the claims made by Altara

1. Removal of restriction of crew not starting before 0600 following an RDO;

If the unions were to agree to take this back to the members to consider, it would have to be on the basis that crew received a financial benefit in return.

We propose for you consideration that crew starting before 0600 in these circumstances should be paid an allowance of $50 per occasion, and that any duty hours worked over 9 hours should be paid at double the base rate.

2. Removal of restriction of not more than 2 consecutive shifts before 0600;

While the unions agree that the closer alignment of work rules between Altara and Cobham employees would harmonise the business from a crewing perspective, we would need to see a draft clause in this regard that includes this being capped to 3 consecutive duties commencing prior to 0600, and how the company sees this applying over a rolling 7 day period.

3. Ability to sign off after 2200 on more than 2 consecutive days before having to take 24 hours off;

Can the company please provide a draft clause as to how they propose this would apply and advise whether a max cap applies?

4.Removal of restriction around ‘tour of duty’ maximum 9 sectors/definition of a single day tour of duty vs a multi day tour of duty to be defined;

The unions initial response to the possibility of removing this restriction is the risk of relinquishing a protection in regard to maximum sectors on single day tours of duty , as opposed to multi day trips.

While we can accept that in some bases, crew are potentially missing out on the opportunity of overnights due to the strict interpretation of this clause, we have a duty to protect crew from fatigue related issues as well.

It would assist us if the company could dissect how they see this applying between single day and multi day tours of duty.

5. Sign off after midnight going into an RDO requires an additional RDO and allowance payment (current request is for this to be a 2200 cut off time);

Todays discussion got stuck on how the SDO’s attracted by this proposal would be taken.Can the company please provide a draft clause for our consideration, and advise us how an RDO would be paid out if it can’t be allocated with agreement?

6. Minimum 9 RDO’S per calendar month (8 in Feb);

While this is agreed, the unions would like to propose that there are some protections included that provide for consecutive RDO’s for crew who work for more that 5 or 6 days straight, and minimise single days off.

7. New claim (Roster changes post roster publish);

The unions were seeking to restrict changes made post roster publish to within 2 hours of the original sign on/sign off times, but this was rejected as too restrictive by the company.

The unions therefore request the company consider 3 hours as an alternative.

8. New claim (Incentive based bonus)

The unions are looking at how a flying allowance might incentivise crew at work, but the company at this stage reject this idea as they have concerns that the bases with lower flying hours would be disadvantaged due to those differences in flying.

In some ways this is a counter argument to the company proposal to remove the 9 sector restriction, as this would also have different effects dependant on the types of flying.

The unions would like to see this progressed further, and jointly propose that a flight attendant would receive an incentive pay of $20 for all actual hours worked in excess of 116 hours, (pro-rated for part timers) in a roster period in addition to the base salary. These amounts would be increased annually as agreed in line with the wages.

9. New company items;

a. Altara propose that the Death Benefit Insurance requirements as outlined in the award section C.1.13 be removed;
While some employees would already have their own life insurance and death benefits available to them in superannuation e.g, the unions are unable to agree to this proposal as it currently stands.

b. Altara propose that the annual leave loading that applies at 17.5% across the first 28 days of annual leave, should be averaged out at 11.67% across the entire 42 days of leave;

This arrangement is commonplace for cabin crew, and the unions have no objection to this proposal.

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