Virgin Ramp Update (Brisbane)

Your TWU along with 3 TWU delegates met with Virgin Australia’s local Brisbane management team. These meetings get held once a month, as we made a commitment to our members, that we would police and hold management more accountable between EBA and be more constant with and improve upon our communication.

In an effort to improve communication and to gain better results for our members we take the opportunity to discuss the local issues and current concerns and also to follow up on previous issues with Ali and the on-shift ramp manager.

You would have seen an email recently from Virgin management regarding reducing the number of 4hr shifts & the number of day shifts, which we all know affects your bank balance and work life balance.  This is a regular complaint and discussion point of ours. It’s great to see VA taking on board our concerns and listening to us, we never accepted the standard response of “It’s just the way the schedule is” and knew we could all come together and achieve a better work life balance for team members. Ali was also excited to share that they have also now seen the benefit in this with a reduction in sick leave, dropping from 8% to 4% in the roster period.

Everything on this list is items and concerns that you’ve raised with us, your TWU organisers and your local yard delegate team, so keep it up, and thanks for your continued support in achieving better outcomes.

Here’s a quick over view from our last meeting.

Attendees: Ali R, Ricky F, Richard O, Cameron JP, Steve W, Josh H.

 Recap from previous Meeting

–          Rear steps are confirmed compliant with AU standards as non-slip edging has been applied.

–          Roster committee will commence soon.

–          Buddy shifts, buddy mentors have been sent an email so that a set of regular mentors can be established. This is to try and avoid trainees being paired up with other PC trainees to ensure adequate skills are being transferred.

–          Next round of inductions is scheduled for July 2019

–          Gate Items, working with GS to have all items left in a common space and earlier notice. Common space refers to, All at the gate, or All at the stairwell, or all by the aircraft. Not spread out in different locations.

New Items

–          PC 5 training –  The TWU would like Virgin to endeavour to email the successful PC5 applicants with the Roster Period that the training will been scheduled for, so that successful applicants can plan ahead with some certainty moving forward. Currently the order is random depending on shifts, availability and trainers. We have asked if this can be done on a ‘Length of Service’ schedule.

–     Signing on late has been flagged as an issue for Virgin Australia, be mindful moving forward this is focus point for Virgin at the moment.

–          Approx. 4 electro’s are tentatively scheduled for delivery in Feb

–          Preference will be given to Health & Safety Reps to view and get trained in new GSE before the wider ramp group is trained and signed off, this is so they can answer questions or concerns that may be raised by ramp operators, to the TWU is this would be common sense to use our TWU health and safety reps in the correct fashion.

–          There are some powerstows up at Emerge presently, so we should start to see them soon hopefully.

–          Kilo / Freight operator, VA Cargo pays VA Ground Op’s to supply a KILO driver, there is always chatter and talk about different ways things could be done. There is no current plan to outsource the KILO role. The TWU expressed concerns and re-iterated our strong stance on continually insourcing roles, and opposed Kilo role shifting departments or being out sourced.

–          Concerns were raised about a lack of relief DOP’s planners for Airside, and will be pushing for the role to be better resourced to provide a fairer better day at work for our TWU members.

Next meeting is scheduled for the end of May 30th.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact your local TWU organiser Richard O’Sullivan or your Virgin Ramp delegate team.

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